Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ruttger's Weather

Summer 2011 started out cool in June but then things really turned around for some of the best weather conditions ever on Bay Lake and that trend continued into the Fall too with perfect weather for Oktoberfest.

It won't be long after the Holidays to start thinking about Spring and Summer 2012 weather for Ruttger's so make sure to check back through the Winter months for weather updates from me KSTP Meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas.

If you are thinking about a trip to Bay Lake here is a look at the typical weather.

April...Highs average 45 to 50 degrees at the start of the month then rise into the low 60s by the end of April and many things start greening up heading into May plus no bugs!

May...Highs average 60 to 65 degrees the first of the month and then the low 70s by the last week of May but often temperatures climb into the 80s on a few days. The Spring bloom is fantastic and you can't beat the smell of the lilacs around Memorial Day weekend.

June...A big month of change in the weather in June as Summer takes over. Temperatures average the low 70s at the start of the month to near 80 by the end of June but it warms quickly and 90 degree days happen. The sunsets are awesome and late during June ( Sunset is around 9:30 p.m. ). Water temperatures of Bay Lake rise from the low 60s in early June to the low 70s by the end of the month.

July...July can be hot and humid but cooler air from Canada often moves through during the month breaking the heat and humidity that lingers all month in areas just to the south. July temperatures range from about 80 to 85 degrees but often do spike 90 degrees but that of course is swimming weather! Bay Lake water temperatures rise from the low 70s in early July to the mid to upper 70s by the end of the month.

August...August starts out hot and has some of the more humid days of Summer in the early part of the month with temperatures mostly in the 80s but still pushing 90 at times. By mid August you will start to feel a few cooler days that even hint of Fall with highs at the end of the month mostly in the 70s along with lower humidity too. Bay Lake water temperatures go from the mid to upper 70s in early August to about 70 degrees by the end of the month.

September...September is the end of Summer and often the first light frost shows up by the 3rd week of the month. Temperatures in September average the low 70s around Labor Day to the low 60s by the end of the month with night lows dropping into the 40s and even 30s at times. Fall color comes on fast and strong by the last few days of the month.

October...October is all about Fall with temperatures in the low 60s the first week of the month then by Oktoberfest in late October temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. Fall color is perfect and at its best the first 2 weeks of October.

Make sure to keep checking the website for updates on your weather at Rutters's Resort on Bay Lake.

Jonathan Yuhas